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For the longest time I was pretty darn sure that when it came time for me to write my review of the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee that it would be a mostly negative review. The first handful of tests I did with the toy were not met with great success. I didn’t like the way…

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Overall – Hot Octopuss Queen Bee review. This Queen Bee review was difficult for me to write today because I know Hot Octopuss was really stepping out of their comfort zone, trying to think outside the box to create a new type of clitoral sex toy. While I expected the Queen Bee to work for my body, I’ve been unable to orgasm from it over the last few months.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy Reviews

There are plenty of ‘innovative’, ‘unique’, ‘revolutionary’ sex toys out there – another one thought up every week, most probably – but the Queen Bee manages what they generally don’t. The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is fascinating from first glance, alluring with its unusual design, and is actually effective during use.

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The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is unergonomic, loud, hard to clean, expensive, and doesn’t reliably get me off. It might win Disappointing Sex Toy Bingo. It might win Disappointing Sex Toy Bingo. I genuinely like Hot Octopuss as a company, even if their name does make me cringe and this toy does make me sad, so I hope they can take some of this feedback and put it to good use.

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It’s 9.5 inches long and is made of TPE/TPR. Hot Octopuss suggests using a water-based lubricant if you pick this up. Make sure to clean after each use! Testing. From an accessibility standpoint, Queen Bee is pretty great. It’s ergonomic in design and pretty light. It’s easy to access the control and change anything.

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The Queen Bee is the first vulva-specific vibrator made by Hot Octopuss, a company known for trying to make the word “Guybrator” happen penis toys such as the Pulse. Their products utilize what they call PulsePlate Technology™, which creates up-and-down oscillation rather than vibration.

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Just like the Mona Wave and Stronic Drei and even the pinchy Rockbox Finger – the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is dead in the water when it meets my vulva. I feel like my genitals are the Bermuda Triangle for sex toys with movement.

Review - Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

If you’re somewhat active in the sex toy community, you’ve surely heard of this new, innovative toy that is the Queen Bee. Hot Octopuss came out with this new oscillating toy which conversely to their other toys, desoesn’t require you to have a penis.

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I was super excited to try Hot Octopuss’s Queen Bee. Clit stimulators are my favorite, and as a vibe that offers deep, rumbly vibrations and a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look, this sex toy sounded like it would be perfect to add to my collection!

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