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Ted Cruz defended Texas ban on the sale of sex toys in state

The law, approved in the 1970s, banned as obscene any device “useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.” The same law also declared that anyone possessing six or more such items was presumed to be promoting sex-toy usage through manufacture, sale, lending, delivery or other means.

The sex toy banned from CES last year is unlike any we’ve ...

The sex toy banned from CES last year is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Lora DiCarlo likely didn’t intend to change CES forever, but the sexual wellness company and its personal massager ...

Alabama Ban On Sex Toys - NAASAS

An Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys was struck down by a federal judge as a violation of the right to privacy. The statute deemed selling or distributing "any obscene material or any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs" to be a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Legality Of Sex Toys In Different Countries: Where Are They ...

Sex toys are banned under the pornography law, anything that imitates such obscenity is considered banned in the country. There is no permit for sale or purchase within the country either. The Maldives strictly follow the sharia law, hence the religious base of the ban.

Ban on sex toy sales in Alabama - WAFF

A Federal Appeals Court upheld an Alabama law that bans the sale of sex toys. The ruling was made public today. The Federal Appeals Court's decision cites public morality as sufficient grounds to stop the sale of sex toys, but the fight continues, and the toys, still on the shelves tonight.

Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act - Wikipedia

The Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998 is an Alabama statute that criminalizes the sale of sex toys. The law has been the subject of extensive litigation and has generated considerable national controversy.

High court lets Alabama sex-toy ban stand | The Seattle Times

The law does not ban the possession of sex toys, and it doesn’t regulate other items, including condoms or virility drugs.

These States Still Ban Cohabitation, Sex Toys... And Gay ...

Bans on harmless fun like sex toy sales and free happy hour drinks may be silly, but they're not going to change anyone's life. Here are some unnecessary bans still on the books in the U.S. The only one widely enforced by a majority of states is the one that prevents gay people from marrying.

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Texas Sex-Toy Ban | Fox News

FORT WORTH, Texas – A federal appeals court has overturned a statute outlawing sex toy sales in Texas, one of the last states — all in the South — to retain such a ban.

Alabama Sex Toy Ban Upheld - Outside The Beltway

Colorado, Kansas and Louisiana courts have all said that laws banning the sale of sex toys on obscenity grounds are unconstitutional. Courts in Georgia, Mississippi and Texas have upheld sex toy...