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Will a large dildo make my pussy stretch and ruin sex ...

So I want to buy a bit of a larger dildo (I own a medium realistic vibe now). But I’m worried that it will stretch my pussy and make me not as tight. And I’m worried that when it comes to sex, it will ruin it and make me feel not very much. (Keep in mind I am a virgin ...

Would using a large dildo ruin sex with your bf/husband ...

Sex will still be enjoyable too. Although when it comes to pure pleasure my girlfriend prefers the dildo no doubt, she still enjoys doing it with me since it's real skin and me (if it was with another real guy who was hung that would be another story). I think the main issue would just be psychological.

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Will a huge dildo ruin her for me? | LPSG

Secondly a dildo is not a substitute for a penis, so if you are asking if a huge dildo with feel better than your average sized cock I would say not,then again some may disagree. A dildo or vibrator is a great way to add variety and spice up your sex life, so have fun.

Does Using a Vibrator Really Ruin Sex?

In other words, a vibrator used during the act can help keep you lubricated for the other (vaginal) things you're enjoying. If you're still worried your vibrator is ruining things with the real ...

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[sex toys] Feel like dildo is ruining our relationship : sex

Just so you know, Dildos are bigger so you're able to grip it. It may not even be the size that's an issue. With a sex toys offer a different spin to things, speed and strength can be applied how ever needed. If you are really that worried about being replaced with a dildo, you need to man up and find another way to make her "dependent" of you.

6 Kinky Dildos And Sex Toys That Are Dangerous For Vaginas ...

But childbirth is a traumatic event for the body, sex and masturbation shouldn't be. It's totally fine to play with larger dildos, but you need to be practical and safe.

Does using a large dildo make sex with your boyfriend less ...

Well I don't have a huge dildo, but I have vaginally delivered a child. And the guy I most consistently have sex with is quite well endowed. As far as I've been told by other partners, it feels no different for them, I'm no looser, and I have no loss of sensation.

Will large toys "ruin" her for regular sex? : sex

I use tons of toys with my wife, up to DOUBLE the size of me and, no you won't ruin her. I will warn you, if you go in directly after the toy she might not feel you for a few minutes. You can actually feel it return to size while you are inside of her. 2. level 1.